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Good design is imperative to a successful launch.

About Me

I am an ambitious individual ready to tackle demanding work. My goal oriented mentality enables me to produce high quality products very quickly. Most notable among my skills are: UI and Backend Design, Web Applications Development, Photography, and Music Engineering.

My clients really matter to me. I go out of my way to make sure all of my project match or even exceeds customers' expectations. I work alone which allows me to understand and implement someone's vision completely.

I have been studying Computer Science since 2008. I have worked on projects with IT-oLogy, USC Department of Computer Science, USC Department of Science Education, USC Department of The Humanities, iMedia, and individuals. My experience includes Data Analytics Application Development, Game Development, Web Applications Development, Project Architecture, and Personal/Small Business Sites. While I am an independent contractor, I also work well in teams and particularly when fulfilling a leadership role. Through my work I gained knowledge of many different programming languages, including PHP, Java, C++, HTML5, CSS3, and Haskell to name a few. Conversely my collegiate career gave me an in depth understanding of programming practices and theory; my work helped to solidify this foundation.

My interest in Photography started when I was about 15 years of age. I picked up my first SLR and joined the High School Yearbook Staff. Here I thrived as part of the crew. Soon I became Senior Photo Editor and was the only student to hold the position as a Junior and Senior. During both my years as Senior Photo Editor we produced award winning annuals. Our 'Reflections' book successively received more scholastic photographic awards than in previous years. This was the kick start to my career as an independent photographer. Since, I have worked with many clients to produce event photographs that go above and beyond expectations.

I graduated from the Fine Arts Center of Greenville with a degree in Music Engineering. I also received the Outstanding Senior in Music Engineering award. I was the in the first group of students to go through the Music Engineering program, where I was an integral part of laying the foundation for students for years to come. In addition to my studies at the Fine Arts Center I worked in the field leveraging my computer knowledge and skills. Clients from all over the upstate came to me to plan, build, setup, configure and repair their Digital Audio Workstations. Among these clients was the Fine Arts Center. On the side I did home theater planning and installations.


I owe it to my clients to use precise and clear language when planning a project. Good communication is just as important as aptitude. I want to get your project right the first time.


When working with large products, documentation often takes a back seat. I aim to produce clear and polished documentation so you know how your project is being managed. Using LaTeX I can produce beautiful and custom documents.


Sometimes you need help bringing your ideas to fruition. Adding unique and creative features, I can help you stand out. Making your product a forerunner.

My skills

User Interface


















Photoshop CS6


Recent Work

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Pricing Tables

  • Consultation

  • Prior Research
  • Remote or in Person
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $90/hr
  • Development

  • Documentation
  • Good Practices
  • Java, PHP, C++
  • Per Project
  • Websites

  • Responsive Design
  • Unique User Experience
  • Professionally Maintained
  • Starting at $2500